Ultra high frequency EM treatment is a revolutionary method of erasing moles, warts, milia, skin tags and other raised lesions from the skin. They are literally vaporised and seal themselves with no blood, leaving behind no damaged tissue. It involves using ultra high frequency electromagnetic radiations that generate heat which vaporise the moles.

The heat that is generated is much less than that produced by electrocautery or any other conventional methods which greatly reduces the tendency for the skin to scar after the procedure. The direct result of this is little or no scarring. It is ideal for any raised lesion on the skin anywhere on the body.

  • Get instant results
  • Negligible scarring
  • NO incisions or stitches required
  • It is a simple, quick, procedure
  • Full healing occurs within 4-6 weeks

Most procedures only require one visit. The effect of the procedure is long-lasting although of course there can be no guarantee that the lesion will not recur. Some moles have a deep element and so recurrence in these cases is possible. A repeat procedure at a later date in some cases may be required. These treatments help to treat fine lines and wrinkles as well as assisting in the reduction of stretch marks, acne, hyper pigmentation and scar reduction. Highly effective, clinically proven prescription skin care ranges from Obagi medical are also available (requires face to face consultation).

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For added peace of mind, we have detailed all the steps involved in the procedure. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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