About IPL/Laser Rosacea Treatment

Are you suffering from Rosacea? Perhaps you find yourself avoiding certain triggers that make your Rosacea worse or you avoid some social situations because your Rosacea makes you feel self-conscious or embarrassed? Although Rosacea is relatively common – affecting 10% of adults – we understand that it can be a very distressing condition.

With experience, we have found that laser treatments and IPL can significantly improve the appearance of redness and thread veins caused by Rosacea.

How can IPL & lasers be used to treat Rosacea?

It is believed that the light from IPL and pulse dye lasers has two actions that help in Rosacea. Firstly, red thread veins absorb the light energy, which makes them hot. This damage encourages the body to reabsorb the veins, improving and fading their appearance.Secondly, the light energy warms the collagen fibres in the skin. This stimulates new collagen and collagen remodelling, which improves the support of the small blood vessels and helps to delay the development of more thread veins.

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Treatment Process

For added peace of mind, we have detailed all the steps involved in the procedure. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


For best results, ensure area is clean shaven and avoid the use of skin products and make-up before treatment


We treat the redness and broken veins of Rosacea with Intense Pulse Light (IPL) or Pulse Dye Laser.

These deliver a pulse of bright light to the broken vessels, causing them to heal up and fade away. People with Rosacea flush easily and develop redness, pimples, and thread veins on their cheeks, nose and forehead. It often starts in the second or third decade of life, and women are more often affected than men. Rosacea is common, affecting perhaps 10% of adults. Because Rosacea affects the face, it can cause significant psychological problems. You may find the people assume you’ve had too much to drink, which can be distressing.

Many people with Rosacea find the rash on their face causes them embarrassment and anxiety. Some people stay well by avoiding triggers of flushing such as certain foods and beverages, sunlight and certain cosmetics. The active flare ups when spots break out are best treated with antibiotic lotions to rub on or as tablets to swallow. The better active flare ups are controlled, the fewer thread veins are left behind. Lasers and IPL machines are used to help the remaining redness and broken veins.

There is a feeling of heat during the treatment and your face will be redder for a short while afterwards. Cooling packs can be applied to help combat this. A course of four to six treatments at two- to three-week intervals produces the best outcomes.

Improvement may continue for many weeks after the course has finished. Rosacea is a relapsing condition and, although this treatment improves the appearance, it does not cure the Rosacea. If you have active inflammatory Rosacea then this will need to be controlled with medication before you can have IPL or laser treatment.


The treatment is generally well tolerated. Exposure is limited to an extremely short flash that feels like the snap of a rubber band. A mild burning sensation can be felt for a while afterwards. That goes away in few minutes after the treatment. Aloe Vera is recommended to use afterwards and sun should be avoided for sometime.

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